A Lot Less Gold


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The debut album.


released November 10, 2011

Kurtis Cockerill - bass
Nich Davies - drumset
Jeff Kynoch - electric guitar (track 2)
Savic Panylyk - tenor sax (track 5)
Alex Vissia - vocals, guitars, organ, wurlitzer

Produced by Jeff Kynoch, Alex Vissia, Nich Davies & Kurtis Cockerill.

Recorded & mixed by Jeff Kynoch at:
Hitsville USA, Edmonton, AB
The Farm, Stony Plain, AB
Casa Vertigo, Edmonton, AB

Mastered by Terry Tran at the Audio Department, Edmonton, AB www.theaudiodepartment.ca

Artwork by Sarah Lemmon Creative, Vancouver, BC



all rights reserved


VISSIA Edmonton, Alberta

Vissia likes her whiskey straight & her guitar crunchy. With a penchant for belting it out and telling it like it is, Vissia lets her prairie upbringing and no-nonsense attitude come through in her honest songwriting and powerful voice. As fresh and crisp as Alberta mountain dew yet as tastefully gritty as the rocks it falls on, Vissia's sound will grab you by the ears and punch you in the heart. ... more

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Track Name: Get Well Soon
You’ve been so strange, anyone can tell, and it’s getting old as your excuses. Go home, and get some sleep ‘cause cigarettes and wine won’t save you. There was no way to extrapolate your intentions from the outside in. While you were falling, I was falling in a different direction.

It’s not as bad as your convex thoughts try and tell you it is... and sometimes the space between your head and heart gets a little bit congested... but if you wanna be well, be well, instead of blaming me or yourself. If you wanna be well, be well, and stop dwelling on wishes and wishing on wells.

I really thought that we were getting closer to finding a new place, but you weren’t ready to let go of the only thing that’s holding you here. You are the hardest one to write, but I’ve said all I can really say with a handful of words that will always read the same.

The weight of the world does not exist unless you give it life to live. The weight of the world does not exist once you see that right now is all there is.
Track Name: Ursa
They think you can swim forever, they think you can swim for the rest of your life. Do you worry for your children when you see that blue reflection in their eyes?

Another icicle melts, another piece falls off the shelf. How long will we wait? How long before it’s too late to make it right, too late to think we might have a chance to turn back and learn how to face the facts?

For so many people seeing is believing. So far we’ve only seen you in our dreams. You’re too far away from home, and we’re too afraid to go to the places on the postcards we read.

Beware of empty cupboards, beware of the sun, beware of the flood... it will get you when you’ve got your headphones on.

When you have no where else to go you can stay at our place, and when the dogs go missing maybe we will listen, but by then it will be too late.
Track Name: Goodnight, Moonlight
Rain is my natural state I am a child of the water, and I’ve been trying to stay close, but I’m a fish not a fisherman’s daughter. And I’ve been trying to find an anchor, but absence makes my heart wander, so I’m afraid I’ve got to go before I drag you under.

Take a look at the moon tonight she’s got a hold on, hold on me, and she’s taking me with the tide, and tonight we’re headed out to sea. Not even you could hold me down–that was the part that I left out–so goodnight, moonlight, goodnight.

And it’s okay if you decide you don’t like me anymore. If I could I would stay here with you, standing on the shore, but there’s no water on the beach, and I’m not the kind you’re looking for. I’m a lot less gold and a little more sword.

Just give me handfuls of time and a place to put the rhyme. I’ll give you reasons why I can’t tell what is real or remember how it feels to walk without looking back.
Track Name: Blue Flowers
Blue is the colour of the sea, is the colour of me when I’m looking at you… through the shadow of–through the shadow of the truth. And blue is the blanket of waves, is washing away the sand in my shell, ringing the bell, breaking grey skies into slivers of light.

And they say, “It’ll be alright.”

Why don’t we say what we mean and mean what we say? I never liked flowers anyway. As permanent as promises… as permanent as promises, they wither and fade. I guess we all gotta go someday.

We came to a place that only I knew, I could tell by the Blue seeping into my bones, a familiar itch that whispered, “Go.” And it’s true, I could have loved you had I not ran out of rope, but somehow Hope mistook “Goodbye” for a smile and a sigh.
Track Name: Don't Tell Me Riddles
Knock, knock, knock at the door, I let you in. Talk, talk, talk ‘til you fill the spaces with more than nudging glances. Now you’re taking chances. We talk below a whisper behind paper-thin walls somehow thinking we are wise enough to make the call. I should have never followed, but I did and so I fell for the bottle of words that you tried to sell.

Don’t tell me riddles you don’t even know the answers to. My mind is all used up trying to untangle you. And the hardest part is knowing I believed you instead of me.

I knew by the way you looked away from the one that drew arrows through your name... You thought I couldn’t see how far you were from being free. I’m not saying I’m broken-hearted, I just keep replaying how this whole thing started, and now we can’t go back to being just two people that happen to hum the same tune.

Knock, knock, knock goes my head against the wall. We don’t talk... well, hardly at all.
Track Name: Ghostly Yearning
This is the part where I dig my heels into the dirt that’s caving in so slowly... if only... If only I could peel away this wrinkled hope and weary strain, I’d tell you what I’d do.

What I’d do to speak above a whisper in the darkest windowpane instead of looking in from the other side. But being supernatural, it’s hard to feel natural around somebody so unmistakably alive.

One thing keeps me up at night, the same one keeping me upright, and it’s blinking, slowly sinking. I slowly sink my teeth into a hand. It’s not my own and tastes like sand and you wave me back to my grave.

What if I gave you my favourite syllable? Would my skin stay ghostly thin, or would you fill me full?
Track Name: Fragile Bones
You don’t know the precise reason why you waited so long; maybe it wasn’t so much a reason at all. It was fear in disguise, fear of losing ownership, fear of giving up the sensation. Because without the pain perhaps you wouldn’t feel anything at all–but you know the first step is the hardest–and after that somehow your feet just know what to do to get on well enough to at least stumble.

Feel the Earth pass beneath the fragile bones that are your feet. Inhale, exhale, breathe until there’s nothing left to do but just be.

Even if you can’t stand the taste, you can always use them for invisible ink to write your favourite syllables on the inside of the shell that’s preserving every breath and blink. But your eyes will get used to the light just like mine did when I found my way out of my head and into my heart. I took the long way around to feeling fine.
Track Name: Cement
Self-deprecation begins at the moment of the sound of your feet hitting hardwood floor in the morning. Sailors take your warning, she’s a red sky, and she’s heartless. And you get so thirsty that you drink the house dry. When the Hopefuls run out, end up switching to cheap wine, and I keep my words in my mouth when you say, “I like the corners better this way.” And you just wanna know why it’s so hard to get out of bed. You’re lying lower than the hungover kind of consciousness.

And I’m stuck in cement watching you walk on the cracks in the sidewalk again. And though I speak in recycled phrases, the emphasis remains the same. No, I can’t tell your feet where they should want to fall, and I can’t tell you much these days, but you’re barely moving at all... you’re barely moving at all... but when you start to feel like trying, my ears are working fine.

You can’t sleep but manage to sleepwalk in a slightly divided state. Can’t remember where you put November, but somehow you found January. And I’m wondering how long you’re going to last on orange pekoe and what’s left of your will to throw the covers back. Well, for now I’ll sit under this cloud with you. And you just wanna know why it feels like you’ve been hit by a train. If I knew the answer I’d give you back your breath so you could breathe again.

I could put the kettle on, a temporary adhesive for your aching and breaking parts. I’m not leaving until the ink is gone. I’ll go put the kettle on.
Track Name: Wild Fig Tree
Where will you go, oh daughter of mine when you're all out of steam and out of time? You know my love runs deeper than the wild fig grows and stronger than you will ever know.

One of these days you're gonna wake up old and wonder where you went at the fork in the road, but I'll still be your wild fig tree.

I had me a pretty-mouthed boy once too, and had my heart broke just like you. And I know how it feels to wanna drown in a bottomless bottle 'til you hit the ground.

Oh, one of these days you're gonna look around and wonder why you never left this sleepy town, but I'll still be your wild fig tree.

Daughter, I hope you see what I do, when you look at the clouds as the light shines through. And I hope someday you have a daughter too, so you see what I see when I look at you.

One of these days I'm gonna lay me down on a blanket of stars, and a pillow of clouds, and I'll be the light in your darkest night. I'll be the light in your darkest night, and I'll still be your wild fig tree.